15+ Luxury Living Room idea

Luxurious living room interior design isn’t always about investing in the most expensive things, the idea of a luxury living room can look very different in the imagination of one person to the other.

Here are 15+ Luxury Living Room ideas for Indian home :

#1 Luxury Living Room Idea 1

Luxury Living Room Rugs

One easy way to transform the look of your living room is to go about decorating it with interesting textiles via colorful vintage carpets, area rugs, throw pillows, cushions, and more. And there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on nice-looking textiles. Scour flea markets and vintage stores and see if you can source an antique Turkish rug sold at a bargain or secondhand vintage carpets that are still in excellent condition.

#2 Luxury Living Room Idea 2

Luxury Living Room furnitures

To make your room look more luxurious, consider adding structural elements to your living room interior design. Instead of the usual circular forms or straight lines, look for furnishings that boast an unexpected silhouette or pieces that have an interesting shape or design qualities.

#3 Luxury Living Room Idea 3

Luxury Living Room furnitures

#4 Luxury Living Room Idea 4

Luxury Living Room furnitures

Another important fact about an Luxury modern Living Rooms of today is that there is hardly any appliance to no appliance including Television units.

#5 Luxury Living Room Idea 5

Luxury Living Room Artwork

Hanging large-scale wall decor is one of the best living room design ideas to make your place look luxurious, especially when on a budget or facing challenges in adding conversation starting decorative extras. Hanging an over-size painting adds a WOW factor in the Living Room Interiors.

#6 Luxury Living Room Idea 6

Luxury Living Room chandelier

Eye catching modern chandelier is one of the key element in the Luxury Home Decor. There is no specific theme the lights it can be of any size shape. Pendant Lights are always an addition.

#7 Luxury Living Room Idea 7

Luxury Living Room murals

Luxury inspired by tradition. This traditionally styled luxury living room features a classic wall mural with a nature theme. The theme is continued with the introduction of indoor plants to the scheme, and with green colored upholstery on the settee.

#8 Luxury Living Room Idea 8

Luxury Living Room TV Units

Dark color creates drama, the shadowy feature Television unit wall complements the turquoise sofa set and the hanging lamps and enrich the look.

#9 Luxury Living Room Idea 9

Luxury Living Room TV Units

Highlight texture. Instead of focusing on what color your feature wall could be, think instead about how to texture it. Once you’ve found your solution, throw light over it for added effect and wow factor.

#10 Luxury Living Room Idea 10

Luxury Living Room TV Units

#11 Luxury Living Room Idea 11

Luxury Living Room TV Units.

The marvels of monochrome. Whether your living room is large or small, a monochrome scheme always delivers a chic cool and collected result.

#12 Luxury Living Room Idea 12

Luxury Living Room furniture placement

#13 Luxury Living Room Idea 13

Luxury Living Room furniture arrangement

Create an intimate furniture arrangement. Position your sofas and chairs to encourage social interaction and a sense of cozy closeness.

#14 Luxury Living Room Idea 14

Luxury Living Room backpanel ideas

#15 Luxury Living Room Idea 15

Luxury Living Room panel ideas

More marvelous marble – though this time used almost as wall art.

Image Source : Pintrest

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