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Puja rooms or Mandir or prayer room are an integral part of Indian homes. Generally homeowners are always confused while taking a call on designing a Puja space or an unit. They most important factor while designing a home Mandir or a Puja unit completely depends on the way you worship and the availability of the space. A percentage of the population happen to have a comparatively bigger space or unit where one or two people can sit and worship, but again all of this completely depends on the availability of the space.

There is no defined space allocated for a Mandir unit, it can be in a Living room or few people even place them in their study which is an extra room if they have one. There is no fixed size, shape or type it all depends on how one demands for and then our design team does the needful accordingly.

Mandir orientations play an important role, as per Vastu the direction of worship should be always East i.e. you must always face East while performing your prayers. Traditionally, Mandirs are lit with candles or diyas but now considering the safety and kids at home the concept of back lit panels or the cove lights have been trending in the Indian Homes not only from the point of view of safety but also from the point of view aesthetics.

Here is the collection of Puja rooms or Mandir or prayer room design with contemporary appeal, is just what every Indian house needs :


Puja Design idea


Mandir decor


Puja Design


Puja unit backwall


Modern Puja unit


Modern Puja unit


Compact Puja unit ideas

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