Ideas to make the most of Small Toilets

It's a very common aspect in today's scenario of builder or developers providing small toilets for residence in India homes today. Its surely a tedious task to redo the entire toilets by extending for making it bigger, but here are 8+ tips which can definitely help to make the most of it :

#1 Having big frameless mirror is a wiser option in a small toilet, not only its doubles up the space but also reflect more light which in-turn makes the space look much bigger.

frameless mirror in toilet

#2 Use of big size tiles while re-doing a small toilet space since small size tiles make the toilets look visually smaller. Also important fact is to cover up the entire toilet walls since there are chance water might spill over in a smaller toilets making the walls wet.

big size tiles in toilets

#3 Curved and compact vanity designs are preferable in a small sized toilet since it will act as an obstruction making the space even smaller.

curved compact vanity for small toilet

#4 The shower partitions can be kept transparent instead of getting it frosted or stickered, It'll make the shower feel like livable space.

transparent shower partition

#5 Color plays an important role in smaller toilets. Preferably lighter colors should be a choice in such cases.

lighter color tiles in small toilets

#6 Create Shower Niches since it's the best storage and easily accessible while taking a shower also aesthetically creates a sense of depth in the space.

shower niche in toilets

#7 Use similar pattern floor tiles in a smaller toilet to demark the wet and the dry area, it makes the room feel larger.

similar pattern tiles in small toilet

#8 Use wicker baskets or bowl to organize things rather than stacking them up. Keeping things organized also adds to the beautification of a smaller toilet space.

small toilet organizers

It is preferable to consult an Interior Designer or an Architect while taking up such work since their sense of looking at a space or analyzing them is what helps you in building your dream home.

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