Ideas to separate Living & Dining area

Open floor plans are the key aspects of Modern homes. By open floor plans we mean, Open kitchen or seating area and dining area in one big living room which indirectly leads to ventilation and light flow. But homeowners often get confused especially for how a separation can be done for the dining area and seating area for such open spaces.

Partition Idea 1

Partition Idea

Partition Idea 2

Partition Idea

There are a multiple ways to deal with such partitions and it completely depends on the layout of the space. There partition unit can be used a TV unit or may be it can a book rack or a MS Jaali partition.

Partition Idea 3

Partition Idea

Partition Idea 4

Partition Idea

With wooden frames, the benefit is the seen-but-not-seen illusion that divides a space. Wooden frames ensure privacy and demarcation of task areas without actually being opaque or blocking natural light and sound.

Partition Idea 5

Partition Idea

Consider getting a lattice bookshelf or an industrial version, depending on which fits in better with the rest of the decor. With options like these, you’re allowing light and ambient sound to spill between rooms but have successfully identified them as different spaces.

Partition Idea 6

Partition Idea

Adding a swing is a great way to break up a single space into two or more task-oriented areas. Unlike other partition designs between living dining areas, this idea doesn’t obstruct vision but forms the illusion of a break in space nonetheless.

Image Source : Pintrest

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