Choice on the use of material for wardrobe & Kitchen?

The choice on the use of the material for wardrobe and kitchen depends on the costing one is ready to spend. There are varieties of materials that are available in the market, the most common ones which are used are the laminates over MDF or ply or Duco over MDF.

For Shutters : These comprise the outer structure which is mainly made in MDF, ply-laminated with veneer membrane, acrylic, or wood. External structures can come in a variety of finishes, so you get to pick and choose what works best for you. The internal structure is usually constructed with plywood.

For Handles : When it comes to handles, there are an unimaginable variety and myriad designs and sizes. A majority of them are made from stainless steel and some even come with chrome-plating. Modular kitchen accessories, such as baskets, bins, and racks are also usually made from stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to maintain.

For Countertop : Usually made from granite, tile, wood or cement, choosing a countertop depends on its costing, which is measured per square feet. Before you invest in one, it is good to do thorough research on the type, brand, and quality of the material to be used. Wooden and granite countertops, though popular, are more on the expensive side. Getting a countertop water-proofed, helps minimize wear and tear and also ensures that the countertop in your modular kitchen has a long shelf-life.

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