Room Partition Ideas

Partitions or room dividers not only help create private zones within homes but are usually the easiest options to resort to. They can be placed even in the entrance of the house which gives a sense of privacy in case where one can see entirely as someone is on the door, usually such issues take place now a days in the Apartments. These can be as temporary or permanent as one would like depending on the area where it is being used.

It can be placed even between the Living Room and the Dining Room to separate out the two spaces. There are multiple ways on how to use Partitions for Interiors. They can be either solely for specific to be used as Designer Partitions like below :

#1 Designer Wooden Partitions

Designer Wooden Partitions

#2 Glass Decor Partition

Glass Decor Partition

#3 Entrance Jaali Partition

Entrance Jaali Partition

#4 Metal Room Partition

Metal Room Partition

It can be even for exclusively division of two big spaces :

#5 Partition Ideas

Partition Ideas

#6 Staircase Partition

Staircase Partition

#7 Sliding Folding Partitions

Sliding Folding Partitions

#8 Sliding Partition

Sliding Partition

Or it can be also used for keeping decorative or planters. Plants are a must in Interiors since they not only bring freshness but add to aesthetics naturally.

#9 Wooden Partition

Wooden Partition

Or partitions could be specific to taking care of Privacy :

#10 Rafter Partition

Rafter Partition

#11 Partition with Storage

Partition with Storage

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