Ways to keep Kitchen Neat & Tidy

Cleaning kitchen cabinets mostly depends on the type of cabinets your using. Keeping the kitchen hygienic and spotless is as important. You might be anxious on using hard cleaning agents to get rid of the grease and stains but at the same time need to be careful on what is the type of material which has been used for Kitchen cabinets. However, for general cabinet cleaning here are a few tips which can be useful for you :

#1 Wood Cabinets General purpose oil and soap cleaners like Murphy’s Oil Soap will cut through grease and stains on wood cupboards.

Water + Vinegar is another way to clean the wooded cabinets. This mild solution can be used every day to the wooden cabinets.

#2 Laminated Cabinets Baking soda is an common element among the homeowners to clean the cabinets, the paste of baking soda along with water is really effective in cleaning the cabinet surface with grease or stains. The only precaution to be taken is to keep it away from the metal surfaces.

Another commonly and frequently done method is use of warm water and soap dish and yes, it can be used over metal surface as well. There is a little more effort which needs to put in case of strong stains. You need to make sure you dry it up again with a dry cloth since leaving the surface wet could spoil the finish.

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