What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular furniture comprises of pre-made units that can be assembled in various ways to suit the customized requirement of the user. Since integrated functionality is a part of modern furniture, Modular Wardrobe and Modular Kitchen both have gained popularity of late. Due to the versatile nature of modular or sectional furniture, there is a huge variety of Modular Wardrobe Designs as well as Modular Kitchen Designs to choose from.

A modular kitchen is a set of pre-made cabinets that can be easily assembled together to give the user a fully functional design. It usually features a clean and contemporary finish and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The pre-made cabinets are available in two forms - lower and upper units. It not only offers you a sense of freedom for customization, but it also gives you plenty of storage in limited space. They are gaining popularity because they are much smoother to operate and look smarter than the non-modular form of kitchens.

The modular form of kitchens dates back to more than 125 years and is said to be used and conceptualized first in Germany. However, the designs became extremely popular in Sweden and were known as Swedish Kitchens for quite a long time.

As compared to the custom-made kitchens, a modular kitchen is less expensive as everything is pre-made. Opting for it helps save time as everything is already constructed and just requires installation. On the other hand, custom-made kitchen needs to be built on site, is time-consuming and sometimes may not give you a satisfactory result both in the looks & utility departments.

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