The Studio Square team is highly professional in work and was able to understand our requirement. As expected from any interior designer, they are very creative and dedicated.
Since I had never gone through major redesign or worked with a designer before I was really unsure how this will work. Duo explained this using a well prepared design Intent presentation. I was not even aware there are so much minute details to be consider while doing interior designing. They are very flexible too and ready to accommodate your change in design request.
As per my experience , People always consider hiring an interior designer as costly or waste of money; But this is not the case, I felt it saved my money by intelligent choice and creative ideas of the team. The effort involved in designing worth every penny.
Major furniture brands(Homeland/Livespace,etc) provide you complimentary interior design, but actually they are least worried about design and there focus is more on selling their stuff. I would suggest everyone to go for hiring standalone Interior designer and work closely on design part to make your dream home/interior-space.
FYI (May 2019): My project is still going on, I am planing to add more details along with picture after this project closure.
( July 2019 update) : My project is over and I am totally satisfied by profession services provided by the team. I highly recommend Studio Square Team, you will never regret your decision.

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